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Erythrosine Food Color

Erythrosine Food Color

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

Erythrosine comprises benzoate monohydrate, disodium 2-(2,4,5,7-tetraiodo-3-oxidooxoxanthen-9-y1) as well as its subsidiary coloring matter with sodium chloride, water as well as sodium sulfate that work as principal uncolored components. The organic compounds other than coloring matters it contains include Tri-iodoresorcinol (Not more than 0.2%) and 2-(2,4-dihydroxy-3,5-diodobenzoic acid (Not more than 0.2%).

products nameerythrosine
color shade
synonymsfood red-14
chemical name 2',4',5',7'-tetraiodo-3',6'-dihydroxy-spiro[3h-isobenzofuran-1,9'-xanthen]-3-one disodium salt;
color index no. 45430
c. I. Name acid red -51
fda status fd&c red -3
cas no. 16423-68-0
einecs no. 240-474-8
eec no. e-127
hue name (food) red -14
indian standard no. 1697
total dye content % min. 87
loss on drying at 135 c & sodium
chlorides & sulphates % max
water insoluble matter % max.
0. 2
ether extracts % max. . 0. 2
subsidiary dye % max. 4. 0
dyes intermediates % max. 0. 40
unsulfonated primary aromatic amines % max. 0. 01
lead (as "pb") ppm (max. )10. 00
arsenic (as "as" ppm (max. )1. 00
mercury (as "hg") ppm (max)1. 0
chromium (as "cr") ppm (max)5. 0
heavy metals ppm (max)40. 00
inorganic iodides calculated as sodium iodide percent by massmax00. 10
water (gms/ltr. )70. 0
glycerine (gms/ltr. )20. 00
propylene glycon (gms/ltr. )50. 00
ethanol (95%) (gms/ltr. )15. 00

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