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Food Colour Applications

Food Colour comprise an array of color choices provided for food sector that is developed artificially using different chemicals. Further, on preference terms, synthetic food colors are more used in comparison to natural colors. Offering high usage in food industry sector, these colors make also support in making food items more visually appealing. The preparation of colors under hygienic conditions also ensures these are safe to eat.

Applications :
  • Assisting in enhancing the appeal of naturally occurring colors
  • Support protection of flavors & vitamins from light damages
  • Support masking natural variations in color
  • Helps in enhancing food's taste
  • Suitable for use in food or drink to change color
  • Maintains nutritional value of food

Product Applications


Biscuits Cookies
Cakes Pastries


Cold drinks Juice
Dry Mixes


Jellies Chewing Gum
Cream Paste

Cosmetics & Toiletries

Lipsticks Nail polishes

Dairy & Ice cream

Ice creams Milkshakes
Processed Cheese Water Ices


Injectables Tablets
Mouth wash Gels

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