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Trypan Blue

Methylene Blue Dye

Approx. Rs 100 / Kg

Methylene Blue works as a general biological stain that finds usage for highlighting parts of bacteria, animal as well as blood tissue specimens and works by staining acidic cell parts blue. Also having application in biology & chemistry fields, it is available in solid, odorless and dark green powder form in room temperatures and yields blue solution on event of being dissolved in water.

Features :
Applications :
Chemical NameMethylene Blue,Methylene Blue Zinc Free
C.A.S. NO7220-79-3
Chemical FormulaC16H18N3SCl
Molecular Weight373.90 gm/mole
Dye Content (Spectrophotometry)82%
Absorption Max (in water) at max.663-667 nm
Absorptivity (A1%/1cm., in water, at max)2200-2750
Loss On Drying (110° c)10-15%

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Trypan Blue Dyes

Approx. Rs 610 / Kg

Trypan Blue works as a vital stain that finds application in selectively coloring dead tissues. As a diazo dye, it may also be used in trypan blue based cytotoxitiy as well as proliferation assays and is not absorbed by healthy viable cells. It enters cells that are damaged or dead and mark them in blue color, thus allowing them to be counted.

Features :
Common NameTrypan Blue
SolubilityWater Soluble
Chemical FormulaC34H23N6O14S4Na4
Molecular Weight960.82 gm/mole
Absorption Max608-610 nm
Absorptivity (A1%/1cm.)> 600
Dye Content>60%

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Orange G AZO Dyes

Orange G AZO Dyes
  • Orange G AZO Dyes
  • Orange G AZO Dyes
  • Orange G AZO Dyes

Approx. Rs 540 / KG

Orange G is valuable acid dye that finds application in many staining processes. Further, it can be combined with other yellow dyes using alcoholic solution for staining erythrocytes in trichrome method where it demonstrates cells in pituitary and pancreas.

Features :
Common NameOrange G
C.I. NameAcid Orange 10
Solubility in Water10.86%
Solubility in ethanol0.22%
ColourSilver Crystal Orange
Empirical FormulaC16H10N2O7S2Na2
Formula Weight452.386 gm/mole
Absorption Max476-480 nm
Dye Content>90%

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