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Indigo Carmine

Meldola''S Blue Pigment

Meldola''S Blue Pigment
  • Meldola''S Blue Pigment
  • Meldola''S Blue Pigment
  • Meldola''S Blue Pigment

Approx. Rs 65 / Kg

Meldola''s Blue finds use as component in redox sensors that support detection of materials like hydrogen peroxide, glucose, NADH, pyruvates, 3-hydroxybutyrate. Further, it is also used in electrochemical experiments that involve DNA dye requires electron transport.

Features :
C.A.S. No.7057-57-0
Chemical Name8-dimethylamino-2,3-benzophenoxazine
Molecular FormulaC18H15CIN2O
Molecular Weight378.9 gm/mole
AppearanceBasic Blue 6
Absorption Max (50% Ethanol)625-650 nm
Absorptivity (A1%/1cm., in 50% Ethanol)> 550

Additional Information:

Indigo Carmine Food Colors

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

Indigo Carmine mainly comprises of a mixture of disodium 3,3' - dioxo-2,2' - bi-indolyldene-5,7' –disulfonate, disodium 3,3' dioxo - 2,2' -bi-indolylidene-5,5' - disulfonate, subsidiary coloring matters along with sodium chloride/sodium sulfate as principal uncolored component. The organic compounds other than coloring matters it uses include 5-sulfoanthranilic acid; Isatin-5-sulfonic acid (Total not more than 0.5%).

products nameindigo carmine
color shade
synonymsacid blue 74
chemical name disodium 3,3'-dioxo-2,2'-bi-indolylidene-5,5'-disulphonate.
color index no. 73015
c. I. Name food blue1
fda status fd&c blue # 2
cas no. 860-22-0
einecs no. 212-728-8
eec no. e-132
hue name (food) blue -1
indian standard no. 1698
total dye content % min. 85
loss on drying at 135 c & sodium
chlorides & sulphates % max
water insoluble matter % max.
0. 2
ether extracts % max. . 0. 2
subsidiary dye % max. 1. 0
dyes intermediates % max. 0. 50
unsulfonated primary aromatic amines % max. 0. 01
lead (as "pb") ppm (max. )10. 00
arsenic (as "as" ppm (max. )1. 00
mercury (as "hg") ppm (max)1. 0
chromium (as "cr") ppm (max)5. 0
heavy metals ppm (max)40. 00

total organic compound other than coloring matters, percent by mass
isatin-5-sulfonic acid ,
5-sulfoanthranilic acid
max00. 50

water (gms/ltr. )
12. 00
glycerine (gms/ltr. )5. 00
propylene glycon (gms/ltr. )5. 00
ethanol (95%) (gms/ltr. )trace

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