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Safranine O

Biological Stains And Dyes

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

Biological Stains are dyes which are frequently used in biology and medicine to highlight structures in biological tissues. These biological stains are also used in the identification and study of polymer structures.

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Safranine O Stains

Approx. Rs 55 / Kilogram

Safranin O is the cationic dye that finds usage in medical field for staining acidic proteoglycan that are present in cartilage tissues and work as indicator cell chondrogenesis. The Safranin O stain is available in powder form which makes it easily dissolved in de-ionized water for making staining solution. When bound to glycosaminoglycan, Safranin O shows orange-red color.

Chemical Name3, 7-diamino-2,8-dimethyl-5-phenyl-phenazinium chloride
C.I.Genetic NameBasic Red 2
C.A.S. NO477-73-6
Chemical FormulaC20H19ClN4
Molecular Weight350.85 gm/mole
Dye Content (Spectrophotometry)=>98%
Absorption Max (50% Ethanol)= 530 - 534 nm
Absorptivity (A1%/1cm., in 50% Ethanol)= > 1425
Loss On Drying (110° c)= < 4%
Powder AppearanceCrystal greenish

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Diethyl Safranine Solution

Approx. Rs 55 / Kilogram

Diethyl Safranine finds application in cytology and histology fields where it is used as counter stain in some of the staining procedures including coloring of all cell nuclei in red color. Further, it is also suitable for detection of mucin, mast cell granules and cartilage.

Chemical Name3-Amino-7-(diethylamino)-5-Phenyl Phenazinium Chloride.
C.I.Genetic NameBasic Red 2
C.A.S. NO4569-86-2
Chemical FormulaC22H23N4CI
Molecular Weight378.91 gm/mole
Dye Content (Spectrophotometry)=>80%
Absorption Max (50% Ethanol)= 552 - 557 nm
Absorptivity (A1%/1cm., in 50% Ethanol)= > 935
Loss On Drying (110° c)= < 5%

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