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Ultramarine Blue

Pigments For Ink

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

Ideal for inks owing to their inorganic pigment nature, the ultramarine blue is highly demanded n the market. These pigments show excellent resistance to organic solvents and superior wet ability in water systems. Further, this is utilized in diverse kinds of inks e.g. flexographic owing to their properties such as good light resistance and low oil absorption.

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Pigments for Paints

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

Ultramarine Blue is extensively used in different paints for acrylic paints, water and oil paints; water-based emulsion paints etc. It offers a bluish undertone, during the time of providing uniformity in the formulation. The pigments display high fastness to light, water, alkalis, air, detergents and organic solvents.

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Pigment For Masterbatch

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

Pigments for Masterbatch is non-wrapping and non-shrinking in nature. These pigments prove perfect for materbatch applications owing to their exceptional heat and light stability. This pigment is extensively utilized in applications that need improved appearance as regards brightness, surface smoothness, and transparency. This color masterbatch also offers better mechanical properties favored for manufacturing of thin pressure pipes, films, fibres, bottles, etc. Moreover, the leather industry uses sodium bisulfite to make refined leather products more waterproof, wearable, and long lasting. It is also uses as a food preservative; the food industry also utilizes sodium bisulfite as a bleaching agent.



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Toiletries & Cosmetics Dye

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

These pigments are perfect for many types of Toiletries formulations e.g. shampoo, gels and soaps. This is extensively preferred in cosmetics for their brightness, their non-irritability attribute and the very less levels of any impurity. Some examples of areas of application are face powders, eye shadows and artistic make-ups.

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Colours for Seafood Industries

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

Providing desired color to the seafood, Colors for Sea food industries offered by us are highly demanded in the market. Sea Food coloring is used in domestic cooking as well as in commercial food production. Due to its safety and common availability, seafood coloring is also used in various non-food applications, for instance in home craft projects and in education. These form of seafood colors are more stable than dyes and are perfect for coloring food containing fats and oils.

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Ultramarine Blue Pigments

Approx. Rs 56 / Kg

Synthetic inorganic, Ultramarine blue pigments are blue pigments of sodium aluminosilicate which contains sulphur. These are prepared by heating sodium carbonate, kaolin, sulphur and other economical ingredients together. Alkali and heat resistant, this is widely used for optical whiteness in inks, paints, cosmetics, plastics, cement, rubber, detergents, textile and paper. Perfect for brightening the white cotton cloth after washing and providing blue color, these pigments are used in the plastic and rubber industries. Further, it acts as a brightening mediator in white washing and is the only pigment that does not lighten under sunlight or heat (UPTO 350 DEGREES).

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Paper Ultramarine Pigments

Approx. Rs 60 / Piece

Ultramarine blue is preferred in paper industry for the coloration of the external coating on colored and stucco papers and whitening of cellulose pulp. Various companies use a combination of Ultramarine Blue and an optical whitener to attain influence optical whitening particularly below a light which is rich in ultraviolet rays. Both products are very companionable and do not create any problem.

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Plastic & Rubber Pigments

Approx. Rs 56 / Piece

Ultramarine pigment is widely used to provide a reddish blue gloom or to whiten polymers. These pigments work to offer a blue undertone to grey and black plastic parts. Further, these pigments are compatible and appropriate for all types of polymers, from polyolefins to engineering polymers, comprising rubber as well. The superior particles of the pigments preserve dimensional stability of polyolefins and other polymers, so that shrinking and warping do not take place.

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Textile Chemicals Auxiliaries

Approx. Rs 65 / Kg

Stencil: Water Resistant

Application: Dyeing Process, Finishing Process, Pretreatment Process, Textile Processing, Printing Process

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