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Tartrazine Food Color

Approx. Rs 670 / Kg

Tartrazine is synthetic lemon yellow AZO dye that finds use as food coloring agent. It is derived from petroleum and is water soluble with maximum absorbance in aqueous solution. It finds use in many of the products including processed commercial foods having artificial green or yellow color, desserts, confectionery, cotton candy, cake mixes, pastries.

Other than this, it is also used in beverages like soft drinks; snacks like flavored corn chips; condiments and spreads like jam & jelly as well as in other processed foods like cereal, noodles and others.


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Naphthol Color Dyes

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

Naphthol Dyes comprise phenols that offer solubility in alkaline solution and is substantive to cotton especially in presence of salt. These small molecules come with low to moderate substantivity but have properties of rapid diffusion into fibers. The higher substantivity also helps in achieving better rubbing fastness due to less AZO pigment formation on fiber surfaces.

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Primary Food Color

Approx. Rs 55 / Kilogram

Primary Food Colour work as food coloring/color additive and assist in imparting color when added to food/drink. These are made available in different finish forms comprising gels, liquids, powders, pastes and find usage in commercial food production as well as in domestic usage. Other than food, these are also used in non-food applications including medical devices, cosmetics, pharmaceutical.

It is known as Corantes Para Alimentos in Brazil.
It is known as Corantes Para Alimentos in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua.

These food colors are highly qualitative and can be availed by our clients in the following types:

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