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Optical Whitening Agent

Optical Whitening Agent

Optical Whitening Agent

We provide quality optical brightening agents for various requirements of textile, paper and detergent industries. Available at competitive prices, our optical whitening agent are suitable for different applications and in various temperature conditions.

“Meghabrite” brand optical whitening agent for Textile applications
NameApplicationC.I.Equivalent International Brands
Meghabrite2BCellulosic Textile and Paper24Tinopal 2B CGY
MeghabriteBBUCellulosic Textile220Blankophor BBU Bayer
Meghabrite BBU Liq.Textile220Blankophor BBU Liquid Bayer
MeghabriteBACellulosic fibers, Polyamide wool, silk and its blends113Blankophor BA 267% Bayer
MeghabriteBA Liq.High substantative Brighter for cellulose Fiber.113Blankophor BA Bayer
MeghabriteBHTHigh Temp. Stable product suitable for Cellulosic Fiber Polyamide & its Blend252Uvitex BHT CGY
Meghabrite BHT Liq.Cellulosic fibers, polyamide and its blends252Uvitex BHT CGY
MeghabriteVBLCellulose Fabric viscose products, polyamide, silk & wool.85
MeghabritePCFor cellulosics fibres and their blends polymide 6 and 6.6 wool and silk.134Lecophor PC

Additional Information:

Optical Whitener

Optical Whitener

Form: Powder

Packaging Type: Bag & DRUM PACKING

End Use: Textile Whitener

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