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PH Indicators

Methyl Orange Dye

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

Methyl Orange works as pH indicator and finds suitability in titrations as it provides for changing color at pH of mid-strength. We can offer it in tamper proof finish in both standard as well as customized packaging support that meets the industrial standards.

Applications :
Used in –
CAS NO547-58-0
Molecular FormulaC14H14N3NaO3S
Molecular Weight327.33 gm/mole
AppearanceOrange Powder
Infrared SpectrumConforms To Structure
Clarity Of SolutionPasses Test
Visual TransitionPH 3.0 Pink Or Red
IntervalPH 3.2 Pinkish-Orange

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Methyl Red Solution

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

Methyl Red is used for conducting mixed-acid fermentation where it contains peptone, glucose, and phosphate buffer. It also produces desired acid for overcoming buffering capacity of broth that causes decrease in pH results. Further, organisms perform other types of fermentation also cannot overcome buffering capacity of broth.

Applications :
Suitable for conduction tests involving –
CAS NO493-52-7
Chemical FormulaC15H15N3O2
Molecular Weight269.31 gm/mole
Melting Point179-182° C
Dye Content=>95%
Absorption Max (pH4.5)523-526 nm
Absorption Max (pH6.2)430-434 nm
Absorptivity (1%,1cm) pH 4.5>1330
Absorptivity (1%,1cm) pH 6.2>700
Transition RangepH 4.2 - 6.2 Red - Yellow
Loss On Drying (110° c)< 5%

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Ph Indicator Solution

Ph Indicator Solution
  • Ph Indicator Solution
  • Ph Indicator Solution
  • Ph Indicator Solution

Approx. Rs 55 / Piece

A pH indicator is a halochromic chemical compound that is added in small amounts to a solution so that the pH (acidity or basicity) of the solution can be determined visually

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